In this age of automation, chatbots are a big thing. And with advances in technology, it is vital for you to step up your game. Scaling your business is easy with chatbots. Anyone can do it, but there’s a precise methodology that needs to be followed.

Hearing about AI-powered interfaces can scare some business people. But, growing your business is all about leverage. And leverage is what enables your business to scale. Let’s go over the many perks of using chatbots.

Benefit number one:

If you have been operating in the business sphere for quite some time now, you are probably familiar with the buyer journey.

In its simplest form, the buyer journey can be segmentized into three stages, viz:

Unaware, Awareness and Consideration

In this post, we won’t be talking about the buyer journey in great length.

So, the vital takeaway here is: Customers are at different points in time located in different stages of the buyer journey.

And chatbots are an excellent way of introducing customers into your sales funnel.

More importantly, these chatbots also integrate themselves wonderfully with Facebook ads.

Suppose for a moment that you are a company selling pet accessories. You are running relevant, targeted ads to bring in traffic to your page.

Once visitors actually visit your site, you have established your first touchpoint with these potential customers.

And that’s exactly what you want. To convert your marketing efforts into a sale, you need to increase the number of touchpoints where you come in contact with your customers. And this is where chatbots can offer immense value.

When a potential customer reaches out to your page with a query, your chatbot can immediately respond to them in an empathetic and humane manner. AI is a wonderful thing, believe me.

The Second Touchpoint

Facebook chatbots and chatbots, in general, completely changed the marketing landscape.

Chatbots are more personal.

Sure, you are talking to a machine, but at the same time, there’s also a human operating the chatbot.

And this one-on-one connection is what makes chatbots wonderful.

The Third Benefit

When a prospect or lead reaches out to your Facebook business page, you are getting access to their Facebook ID. And, when you have lucrative offers at a future point in time, you can reach out to them and let them know about it.

Easy marketing. No need to access their email. Because they reached out to you previously, you now know that they are interested in the kind of services that your business has to offer.


People actually spend time on social. So, when your business page is operating with chatbots, you can let them know about interesting offers and giveaways that are being given by your customers.

So, you get to come in contact with people where they visit each day. And unlike email, if you are marketing directly to their inbox, you can reap great results.

The fourth Benefit of using chatbots is that it’s an effective way to understand your customer’s pain points.

5th Benefit:

In this age, where e-commerce is a powerful force, customers buy online all the time. And if you are a business that sells products, then it can often be the case that customers are unhappy with the product they bought. Chatbots are a great means for them to vent out their problems.

Also, they are also more likely to receive a faster response from you, too. These tiny matters will give you an edge over your competition.

6th Benefit:

Chatbot just feels personalized, and there is also the scope to apply all those wonderful crazy selling techniques you have learned. Get kicking with chatbots now!

But wait…..

You might be thinking:

“Yes, Charles, we understand that chatbots are a raving fan of chatbots, but can you tell us about the best chatbots available in the market? How do we even use them?”

Those are some very good questions that we are going to cover in the next section.

Stay Tuned….

This is Charles, signing out.

And remember, “You miss 100% of the shots that you don’t take.”


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