Did you recently stumble upon the big world of affiliate marketing? Having learned all about niche sites, you can’t wait to get started on your affiliate marketing journey and what better way than to select a niche site to start off with. In this post, you’re going to learn all about the best plugins for niche sites in 2020.

Some people might wince at the very mention of affiliate marketing plugins, but that’s not the reaction you want. It’s true that some plugins can adversely affect your site’s SEO, by increasing page loading times. But none of that will happen when you know about the best plugins for affiliate marketing.

A lot of people have this question about whether WordPress

Without further ado, let’s jump in.

1) Akismet- The Anti-spam plugin

If you’re serious about getting your niche site right, you want interaction. But there is a world of difference between interaction and spam. You don’t want spam on your site.

Spam is the ultimate red flag for Google. When crawlers detect spam on your site they automatically assume that your site is a low quality one. Consequently your site suffers.

But the good news is WordPress comes with plugins that are specifically designed to filter spams of that kind. And one of the best anti-spam plugins is Akismet. Did I mention it’s also free?

There’s a paid version of the plugin as well for those of you who’re interested.

2) OptinMonster

The next plugin on our list of best plugins for niche site is the Optin Monster. Running an online business is all about building the right relationships with your audience. As someone who’s running a niche site, your focus should be on building a pipeline of people who are interested in what you have to offer.

Ideally, your goal is to establish yourself as an authority and the way you do that is through building your email list. Whatever niche site you have chosen, ask your audience to sign up for your email list.

Tell them stories about your expertise. Give away freebies. Engaging with your audience the right way is important. And here’s where OptinMonster can help out. It’s the best lead generation tool to grow your affiliate business.

Install the WordPress popup plugin on your niche site and grow your passive income now!

3) Thirsty Affiliates

Do you often get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of affiliate links on your site? I mean, understandably, the entire process can be very cumbersome.

And because the makers understood your pain points, they came up with the ultimate solution that will help you build a good niche site. Thirsty affiliate is  a plugin that lets you access all the affiliate links on your site from a single place.

This eliminates any need for you to manually search for the affiliate link and change the URL. So, you see the chief aim of this plugin is to help you save time and streamline your efforts in growing your niche site and your passive income.

4) Hummingbird – The Ultimate Speed Optimization Plugin

Honestly, your entire efforts in affiliate marketing will go down the drain if you don’t get one thing right.

You want visibility for your site. But the thing is, if your site has a slow page loading time, it will probably have a hard time appearing on the first page of Google’s search results.

That sounds problematic, right? Don’t worry though; there’s a simple solution.

If the content on your site is loading slowly, there might be problems with your Javascript files and your CSS files. But this wonderful plugin helps you minify your javascript files and reduce page loading times substantially.

Improved page loading time not only helps you improve your bounce rates, but also helps you give visitors a better browsing experience. And, you know what happens when customers are happy?

They buy from you! So, if you don’t want to burn that potential cash, get the plugin now!

5) MonsterInsights

Here’s the thing— Running an affiliate marketing business requires you to be able to listen to what the data is trying to tell you.

So, how does someone go about deriving insights from data?

You just need to run Google Analytics on your site and VOILA you’re officially tapping into what your words are trying to tell you.

Thankfully, there’s a wonderful plugin that can help you out. Meet the MonsterInsights plugin. This is hands down the best Google analytics plugin available on the WordPress platform. However, this plugin can also help you out keep track of your affiliate links.

Once you enable the affiliate link tracking option on this plugin, the plugin will deliver data-driven insights directly to your Google Analytics dashboard.

And these insights are invaluable as they can help you generate more revenue. 

The plugin will enable you to:

  • Identify pages on your site that are generating the highest revenue
  • Come to grips with the most profitable traffic sources
  • Use that insight to come up with new content ideas that can help you rake in more cash from your affiliate site

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to grow your affiliate business.

And if you are not up for the paid version of the plugin, then just consider getting the free version to start off with.

6) WPForms

Running an affiliate business is all about maintaining contact with your audience. And the most ideal way of knowing audience is through forms.

Despite the product reviews on your site, your visitors might still have further questions that they want to ask you. So, it’s of utmost importance to have WPForms on your site.  When you take the time to respond to their queries you build rapport with them and in the process they might even end up buying through your affiliate link.

Another wonderful aspect of WPForm lies in the fact that this plugin allows you ti integrate your forms with email marketing services.

Surely, the WPForms plugin will help you get your affiliate marketing business in top form. Don’t miss out!

7) Updraft Plus— The Handy Backup Plugin

While running your affiliate business, one thing you want to absolutely make sure is to keep backup copies of your site.

There is a good possibility of there being a server crash. So, having a handy backup plugin that does its job is a godsend in times like that.

Get the Updraft Plus plugin now!

8) EasyAzon

If you are having a discussion about WordPress essentials for your WordPress site, then you need to remember that it’s quite important for you to promote your products.

EasyAzon makes it easy for you to promote products from Amazon on your affiliate site. And the beautiful thing about this plugin is you don’t actually have to explore a variety of products on Amazon, but rather all the products will be available from your WordPress dashboard. You don’t have to manually find products from Amazon.com and create affiliate links.

Get this wonderful plugin now!

9) Yoast SEO

Next up on our list of WordPress essentials is a plugin that’s been around for ages. It’s been helping niche site owners get that elusive traffic to their site.

Getting visibility for your site online requires you to have a fine understanding of SEO. And it is in this area that YoastSEO can help you out tremendously.

This plugin will help you out with aspects of on-page SEO, keyword optimization, content optimization, and technical SEO. There’s a free version of the plugin as well as a premium version.

Get the plugin now!


And with that, we bring our list of the best nine plugins for a niche site to a wrap. All of these plugins play a vital role and can help you build a successful affiliate business online. If you’re serious about building a solid niche site and growing your passive income then these plugins are a must-have for your niche site. Also, if you want to know more about niche sites, then you should definitely check out some of the other niche site tips that we have to offer. The Ultimate A-Z guide To Affiliate Marketing— Your Guide To Financial Freedom


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